How Rentals Work  

SVR's simple online rental process:

Upon confirmation of your intent to rent, you will:

1. Read and sign Vehicle Rental Agreement for your specific rental term.

2. Submit signed agreement  plus  proof of valid driver's license(s) and driver's insurance to SVR.

2. SVR will issue vehicle retrieval and supplemental rental Instructions.

3. Retrieve the SVR vehicle from, and drop-off the vehicle to the agreed upon location.*

*In most cases, the SVR vehicle will be waiting for you at the Missoula International Airport (in the long- or short-term parking areas); drop-off location will be the same.

The SVR rental vehicle will be waiting for you at the pick-up location with:

The key,

A full tank of fuel,

Copy of the Instructions and SVR contact information

Questions?  Contact SVR


   About SVR   


With the ever-growing interest in Montana as a tourist destination, as well the area's growing need for more transportation options, SVR brings you a local brand of service--friendly, accommodating, and ready for you to Take the Wheel...

SVR Co-Owners, Scott Bullard and Sheila Lang-Bullard, each have called the West home for decades. Now residing in Missoula, MT, Scott and Sheila are avid adventurers, traveling and exploring around Montana and beyond.

We are happy to share our love of travel and exploration with you, the customer,

behind the wheel. 

We thank you, sincerely, for "shopping local"!

~ Scott and Sheila ~

Safe Travels!!